Border Animal Rescue

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Lives you saved

My name is Blackjack, and I feel lucky to be alive.  My life is a tribute to you…..thank you for your donations to Border Animal Rescue.

My two sisters, Checkers and Grayson, and I were born on May 29, 2013.  On June 1, a nice man rescued us from an abandoned building in Bisbee.   He found us and watched for our mom to come back.  She never returned.

He couldn’t care for us, so he called Border Animal Rescue.  Thank goodness, otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing to you about my life!

Our foster cleaned us, checked us for fleas and ticks, and started bottle feeding us.  My sisters were smaller than me and did not eat well.  My sisters died four days later. 

My eyes were not open yet when they became infected.  My foster took me to the vet and I received treatments and got better.  While sucking on the bottle, my mouth hurt terribly, and would bleed.  They discovered I had an under bite that cut my tongue when I drank from the bottle.  I don’t need the bottle anymore, thank goodness!



My name is Lily and I have had a tough year!  You see, I was abandoned in a vacant home when people who I thought loved me more than life itself moved and left me behind.  An animal control officer picked me up and took me to a Border Animal Rescue (BAR) foster home. 

I was completely covered in severe matting, so bad that I couldn’t go to the bathroom, and I couldn’t see.  My whole body hurt.

The wonderful BAR folks took me to the vet and had me spayed and they fixed my teeth, and nursed me back to health.  With each passing day, I felt much better!   They call me “Lily Bear”, because they think I’m sweet as a teddy bear.  I love them more than I can bark at them. 

Then I had an accident and suffered a torn cruciate ligament in my left knee.  I needed major surgery to correct it.  In July, I was lucky to find a forever home with a family in Tucson that does daily physical therapy with me to get my leg working again.  I love them, and the attention they give me. 

I would not be alive but for two things:  The medical attention I so badly needed and received through BAR, and the money that you gave to Border Animal Rescue.  I worry that there are a lot of other animals that need care like I did, but BAR can’t take them on due to financial constraints. 


During 2013, BAR adopted out 112 dogs, and 52 cats, and spent over $75,642 in vet bills to bring animals, like Blackjack and Lily Bear, back to health. All of this is possible because of the donations we receive from people like you. Thank you for your support.