Border Animal Rescue

Thanks to everyone who came to the PetSmart Charities adoption fair at the Sierra Vista PetSmart Nov. 11 to 13. Many of our fabulous felines found homes! We still have many for available for adoption, please see their bios below.

BAR's adoptable pets are featured below and on our Petfinder page. We often post them on our Facebook page also:

We have many pets in foster care and will post them when they're ready for adoption. Some of our pets can be visited in the Sierra Vista PetSmart adoption center, and some can be visited at their foster homes by appointment. See each listing below for details.

Download our ADOPTION APPLICATION HERE. If you meet a BAR pet at PetSmart, you can fill out the application in the store. For questions on cats, please call 765-918-6853. For dogs, please call 520-227-9825. Please leave a message if there is no answer.

Look who wants a forever home!:

Daisy is a special tabby lady who is being fostered along with her sister, Marigold. Daisy has a pretty, unique smile due to some crooked teeth. She loves to play with string teaser toys and she is an aerial artist! She can jump very high, performing twists and flips to catch the feather on the string. She likes very gentle pets and sometimes gets edgy and will gently nip you if you aren’t petting her the way she likes. For this reason, she should probably go to a home with adults and older children. She and her sister, Marigold, love each other and love their foster mom, following her wherever she goes in the house. They both love running water and enjoy a drink and a chance to play in the bathroom sink. Contact: 765-918-6853.  Daisy is available for you to meet in person any day of the week at PetsMart in Sierra Vista!

Marigold is a stunning tabby lady who is being fostered along with her sister, Daisy. Marigold is a bit shyer with people than her sister and took a few days longer to warm up to her foster mom. However, she really went all in when she decided to let her new mom love her. She has a beautiful, deep, melodic meow and enjoys having conversations with her foster mom. She and her sister, Daisy, love each other and love their foster mom, following her wherever she goes in the house. They both love running water and enjoy a drink and a chance to play in the bathroom sink. Though shyer than her sister, don’t be fooled, Marigold is the queen of the cats, and Daisy follows her lead. Contact: 765-918-6853.   Marigold is available for you to meet in person any day of the week at PetsMart in Sierra Vista.

Meet Cookie, a beautiful, shy, brown/orange/tan tabby girl. She is quite the chatter box who regularly has exchanges with the patriarch of our family. She is very curious and wants to meet you on her own calm and cautious terms! She feels at ease in her kennel and has no complaints to getting her lovins from the top perch of the kennel. She is happy to explore when most of our active household is either sleeping or running errands outside of the home. She is completely unaffected by the house all abuzz as long as she can watch from a place where she feels secure. Cookie is about 2 years old, spayed, and up to date on shots. Contact 765-918-6853. 

Zeppo is a fun, playful, and handsome boy who can entertain himself with just about anything he can bat around the room. He is a little mischief maker, you can see it in his eyes, he loves to pounce on his toys and his feline friends. He is a little bit shy but is curious and loves to be petted. He gets along well with other cats; unknown with dogs and children, though he would do better with older children. He is about 6 months old, neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. He is ready for new adventures! Contact: 202-210-5409. 

My name is Jasmine and no one is sure of my age, but I think that I am around 2 years old. My kittens and I were rescued on the edge of Fort Huachuca after the fire. I am very loving and very vocal. I am a surrogate mom to three little ones that were found wandering alone.  I am socialized to other cats and kittens, as well as two dogs . I like treats and canned cat food, and am litter box trained. Contact 765-918-6853.  

This is Amara. She was born May 14, 2021

Amara is a beagle mix who weighs about 46 lbs. She is a very sweet girl who loves to give hugs and cuddles, but she does take a little time to open up. She does very well with older children, though she hasn’t been around younger kids. She can be a little territorial when inside her cage, but as soon as she is loose she is her bubbly self!

Amara is microchipped, spayed, and is up to date on her rabies/DAPPL/Bordetella. Amara is both house trained & kennel trained, knows basic commands, and can walk well on a leash. She is a motivated and trains very easily.

Courtesy post; not a Border Animal Rescue pet:

Free to a good home:

Luna is a 2 1/2 -year-old spayed female German Shepherd.

She is fully vaccinated, crate trained, leash trained and has been started in obedience work. All of her obedience was done on leash. She heels on leash, performs automatic sits and she stays and comes on command. She went through a puppy socialization class when she was about six months old. We also went through a brief obedience class. She loves people and attention, but is very exuberant.

Luna came to our family through a friend who purchased her as a purebred but unregistered shepherd. Circumstances in his home made it necessary for him to surrender her, and I agreed to take her as a rescue.

I am now forced to find a home for her because she has a high prey drive, and is not suitable in our household. While she plays well with large dogs, she cannot be trusted around small dogs or cats.

I am heartbroken about surrendering Luna, but feel it would be in her best interest to be placed in a home where she gets plenty of attention, and there are no small pets.

If interested, call Dana Cole at 520-249-6179.

email: [email protected]      

These furbabies have recently been adopted!:

UPDATE:  Adopted Jan 2022!

Meet Nigel but we all call him Monk. He is a sweet, affectionate guy who LOVES to get his cuddles during the evening hours...he has been known to be quite relentless when trying to secure some undivided attention from his people. He came into foster care quite unsocialized and spend his first three weeks hiding and he is just the epitome of a social butterfly. He participates in a pet therapy program once a week visiting with folks in assisted living facilities and when at home he is either napping or zooming about with the other cats and little dog who he shares our home with. He is pure black...even the pads on his feet are black and he has stunning copper eyes. He is about 6 months old. He also lives with a husky mix dog but he is far less of a fan of our larger dog. He tolerates her being around but does not engage her in play. 

UPDATE:  Adopted Jan 2022!

Chad is a 3-month old male from a litter of 4. He has three sisters. He is a typical busy little boy, always on the go. Chad will be neutered, microchipped and receive his second round of shots on 12/23.  He gets along with other cats, small dogs, children and he is litter-box trained. Chad was adopted with sister, Tara!

UPDATE: Adopted Jan 2022!

Tara is from a litter of 4 and she is 3 months old. She has a beautiful little face and is very affectionate and very active.  She gets along with other cats, small dogs, children and she’s litter-box trained. Tara was adopted with brother, Chad!

UPDATE:  Adopted, Jan 2022 (with Tessa!)

 Tiffany is from a litter of four gorgeous tabbies. She is three months old. She will be available for adoption after 12/23. She will be spayed on the 23rd and receive her second round of shots and be microchipped. She is very bonded with her siblings and very playful. She is litter-box trained and gets along with other cats and small dogs and is very child friendly. You can meet Tiffany now and pre-adopt. To meet her call foster mom Dori (520-226-5657).

UPDATE:  Adopted, Jan 2022 (with Tiffany!)

Tessa is a 3-month old sweetie. She is one of 4 siblings. You can meet Tessa now and pre-adopt. She will be available for adoption after 12/23. On 12/23 she will be spayed, microchipped and receive her second round of shots. She gets along with other cats, small dogs, very child friendly and litter box trained. She is an active, playful kitty. To meet Tessa call her foster mom Dori (520-226-5657).


Hi, I’m Leilani and I’m a friendly and gorgeous calico gal who likes to get petted and will rub up against your leg to get attention. I get along great with my other feline friends; I am not sure about dogs and children yet because my foster home doesn’t have any. I love to curl up in warm places and I’m ready for my loving forever home! I am 1-2 years old, spayed, vaccinated, tested, and microchipped.  Contact: 765-918-6853.

UPDATE:  Adopted, Dec 2021

Little Deena is new to Border Animal Rescue. She is probably 7-10 years old, and weighs 10 lbs. Veterinary records for her appear to have ended a few years ago but we will remedy that next week. Until then, she is not quite ready for adoption. But we want to introduce her to. You. Deena is here in rescue because her owner died. She came in quite matted, tired, and looked exhausted. A week of gentle care and patient grooming has begun to still her worries, and she greeted me this morning with a big smile and kisses. Despite the fact that she was meant to be held, she doesn’t appear to have been picked up and cuddled very often. Her body gets stiff, limbs locks up, and it takes about 15 minutes for her to realize that nobody is going to drop her. Deena is house trained, crate trained, and is used to living in a household with other dogs. She is learning to walk on a leash and doing quite well with that. She is quiet, polite, and stays out from under foot. She does not demand anything either.  Keep watch here for updates to see when she will officially be up for adoption!


This is Anise.  She is about 3 months old and full of fun!  She and her handsome brother, Sage (below), are sweet and loving and ready for constant cuddles. Are you ready for them? Contact: 765-918-6853.


This handsome fellow is Sage!  He is about 3 months old and full of fun!  He and his gorgeous sister, Anise (above) are sweet and loving and ready for constant cuddles.  Are you ready for them?  Contact: 765-918-6853.

Check back regularly for new pets ready for adoption!